Trinity Assembly arose out of the Pentecostal revival movement of the last century. In its early days, Trinity was pastored by Reverend John McCambridge, a radio pastor on the old station WJSV.

In 1935, Reverend H. A. Nunley and the congregation became affiliated with the Assemblies of God. While he was pastor the church would move several times to different locations within the Nation's capital. Beginning at 505 L Street, they relocated to a new property at 916 F Street N. E. Washington, D.C. Eventually in 1950, Pastor Nunley led the growing congregation to the 12th and Rhode Island Avenue, N.E. address.

In 1966, the church purchased land at 6705 Good Luck Road, in Lanham, MD to construct a new church building. Amid this period of transition, the Reverend Frank C. Mays was called to the pastor the Assembly. During his tenure, Trinity continued to grow and was able to fully pay for the construction of the beautiful church building located there. 

In 1976, about 50 members of the congregation felt led to begin a new church in the neighboring city of Bowie. Trinity sent their youth pastor, Reverend Ken Burtram, to guide this nucleus which is now a flourishing congregation.  

The same year Reverend William K. Ferguson began pastoring at Trinity Assembly of God.

Two years later, the congregation purchased approximately 22 acres of land at 7800 Good Luck Road.  

By 1986, construction of the gym and Sunday school rooms was completed. The gym was used as the sanctuary until Phase II of the building project was complete.  In 1991, Pastor Ferguson broke ground for the new sanctuary. The next year, the Trinity family moved into the lovely, spacious Phase II sanctuary. The entire facility was completely paid off in 2006.


Today, God has graciously entrusted our Trinity family with a large, debt-free facility only 7 miles from Washington, DC. Now our greatest work is yet to come. We wish to be Christ’s witness to our community through outreach and to our world through missions.  In this process, we have become an INTERNATIONAL church with members from five continents and more than twenty-five nations.

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