Bolivia Life Center Dorm Renovation Need

Bolivia Life Center Dorm Renovation Need

About The Need

In almost 20 years, we have raised children who have been abandoned, abused, and neglected in Bolivia. Thanks to friends like you, many of these children are now adults with families of their own and careers making a difference in their country.

Adopt a Dorm

There are a total of five dorms and we are partnering with churches like you to adopt one. Together, we can meet the needs of the children today and for years to come

What to Expect

When you adopt a dorm, you are making a difference in the lives of many children today and tomorrow. We will provide you with an optional video from the Bolivia Life Center to present the need with your church. You can raise funds in two ways. Either through sharing the total financial need to the congregation or by itemizing each need in the dorm

For example, someone can donate for two bunk beds and donate the amount needed for it. Or someone can donate to buy new sheets. With an itemized list we provide, you can present the need in a tangible way. If you prefer to share the financial goal alone, that will work as well

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